What size should my heat pump be?

We get that question a lot. The answer is, it depends. There’s not a one size fits all when it comes to heat pumps. But thankfully it can be simple to determine what size is right for your space. And even better, we will do it for your as part of the quote process! To determine the size of heat pump required, we offer an assessment which determines how much energy is required to heat or cool your room or building. Of course, the results can vary greatly from house to house due to differences in air-tightness, solar access, exposure... Read More

How does solar power work?

Sunshine equals savings. The sun, sometimes called the sky’s power plant, emits enough energy to earth to meet the world’s power needs and then some. The sun’s light, which is full of energy, can be captured and turned into an electrical current which can be used as power. Maybe you’ve heard all of this before, but you’re still wondering how harnessing energy from the sun can save your hard earned cash. Or maybe you’ve heard about solar power, but you’re left asking, “how does sunshine become electricity?” Although solar power might seem futuristic, it’s already quite common. Do you have... Read More

What are inverters? Which should I choose?

When homeowners begin thinking about going solar, they often struggle with what type of inverter to choose. As you may know, inverters take the direct current (DC) power from solar panels and create an alternating current (AC). AC is the electricity used in homes.  Choosing the inverter that’s right for you, could make all the difference in your solar power journey. So what’s the answer? Truth is, it all depends on your home, your budget and your preferences. We’ll explore how the two types of inverters we install work. These are string series inverters and micro-inverters, also called ultra-inverters. Standard... Read More