About Us

SunAir Energy Solutions is based in Canada’s green province, Prince Edward Island.  We service residential, commercial and agricultural clients throughout eastern and western Canada and have a sister company in Mexico, SunAir Soluciónes de Energia SA DE CV.  SunAir Energy Solutions owners and staff have been involved in clean energy solar and wind systems for over 10 years. Our team has worked on over 150 clean energy solar and wind jobs throughout North America and Germany. Our certified and licensed staff love working in this field and we put pride into offering customers our services and products. SunAir is a certified installer of high efficiency Daikin heat pumps, air to air and air to water in floor heating systems. Our energy auditing team will size your heat pump properly and find ways to reduce your energy consumption saving you lots of money.

Our Commitment to You

At SunAir we put a priority on caring for our clients. We assess our clients’ individual needs to ensure we find the right solution for you. Then our team of licensed and experienced installers implement the best solution to save you money and improve environmental performance. We install only high quality products and service what we sell so you can be assured of many years of optimal performance from your green energy solution.

We have grown a lot through the years and are always excited to try new technologies. We realize there is not a single system that will work for everyone and that is why we offer many types of inverters and solar panels to best suit our customer’s needs. It is very important to us to provide our clients with the best system to suit their needs and provide the best paybacks and warranties. SunAir is proud to have installed the first Enphase micro-inverter and SolarEdge optimized systems in Atlantic Canada and the first KACO Ultraverter system in Canada. We are not afraid to try new products and have lots of data on the solar production of the various Inverters that we installed throughout the years. This monitoring of data helps us provide accurate Payback analysis for our customers.

Our Credentials

• Licensed Daikin Installers
• Certified Energy Auditors
• Maritime Distributors for KACO New Energy
• Red Seal Electricians
• BZEE trained wind energy technicians
• Trained NABCEP Solar Installers
• CANSIA (Canadian Solar Industry Association) member

Meet the SunAir Team

Karl Kenny – Owner


Hi, I am Karl Kenny, owner of SunAir Energy Solutions, Atlantic Canada’s renewable energy company.

We all know using fossil fuels as a heating source is unsustainable. Every day, we hear about climate change. We know it’s a fact of life, and we want to be part of a solution. But how do we do this when the problem seems so daunting and when renewable energy resources come with a hefty price tag?

As an innovator and entrepreneur, I wanted to find an answer to that question. I wanted to create a viable solution to help people like you find affordable ways to use renewable energy resources in your everyday life.

And so, SunAir Energy Solutions was born.

At SunAir, we are passionate about helping homeowners, business owners, and agriculturists build their dreams using green energy. We want to bridge the gap between sustainability and affordability – all while caring for our environment. The best solutions are when everyone benefits, and for many people that starts with more efficient and environmentally-friendly home heating.

Karl is a graduate of the Wind Turbine Technician and the Energy Systems Engineering Technology programs at Holland College. Karl has a background and experience with a wide variety of green technologies including solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind, and heat pumps. Karl has the following certifications: Wind Turbine Technician Certificate, BZEE Certified, Energy Systems Engineering Diploma, Daikin Residential Installers Certificate, Daikin Commercial Installers Certificate, Daikin Altherma Installers Certificate, Geo-thermal Designers and Installers Course, SEI Solar PV/Thermal Training and Certification, NABCEP PV Training and Certification, Fall Arrest training and certification and Working in Confined Spaces training and certification.




Other Team Members

David Little

DavidDavid is an enterprising young Energy Systems Engineering Technologist who has been working with Sunair since 2014.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia at SunAir Energy Solutions, David’s role is heavily focused on project & construction management as well as continued design, audit and site inspection roles.

His goal is to bring cost saving energy solutions to clients by promoting sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable solutions for construction, renovations and upgrades. He is proficient in both commercial and residential energy auditing.

With a diverse background in historical research, multi-media & photography Dave has been able to merge these traits into his current profession and created numerous educational videos, been a media representative of his former school (Holland College) and celebrated it’s energy initiatives on CBC, CTV and in trade shows demonstrations promoting numerous energy systems on behalf of Holland College.

His knowledge and background makes him a valuable asset to our Maritime staff here at SunAir.

Andy Dibling 

AndyAndy has over 25 years experience in electrical & controls systems, as well as close to 10 years in both wind and solar systems. Andy is a licensed electrical contractor specializing in renewable energy systems both on and off grid. As part of our experienced team Andy is committed to matching the right system for you at the right price. Among his credentials: PEI electrical contractors license #0220 Industrial electrical Red Seal and Commercial Electrical Red Seal; Licensed Instrument Technician; International Rope Access Technician; Certifications in confined space, fall protection; BZEE certification and NABCEP trained.