Energy Audits

Every installation that we do comes with a free base energy audit to ensure proper system sizing.

We want to ensure that the products and placement are optimized for your home. We take the time to analyze your home, building, or facility to match our solution to your needs. Without a base energy audit, you could end up with an under-powered solution that doesn’t have the heating and/or cooling you need, or an over-powered solution that costs more and uses more energy than you need, costing you money.

Our specially trained and certified auditors will take careful measurements of the interior space, windows and doors. They will account for the type of insulation and current energy efficiency, and put that together with an analysis of potential air flows to design the precise solution you need.

Full Energy Audits

To go the next step, we recommend a full energy audit. Again, our trained and certified auditors will come to your home, building, or facility and create a detailed examination of your energy use and areas of loss. This process will identify additional opportunities for enhanced efficiency that are likely to save you money and improve your environmental performance. An energy efficiency audit analyzes and evaluates your existing energy use with an eye towards financial savings.

Audits will cover the following items:
◾ Equipment rebates
◾ Energy Tax Rebates and Credits
◾ Baseline energy use profile
◾ Building envelope improvements
◾ Blower door test
◾ Thermal Image scan
◾ Retrofit and replacement
◾ LED Lighting
◾ Window and Door Heat Loss
◾ Improved pipe insulation
◾ Solar and wind power feasibility studies
◾ Insulation Upgrade Options
◾ Timers and automatic sensors
◾ Heating and Ventilation systems
◾ Air-Conditioning systems
◾ Placement of thermostats and air sensors

Breakdown of how we use energy in our homes.

Image Showing Heat Loss Of A House

We will visit your home, take measurements, and perform tests and analysis. You will receive a written report outlining the findings and containing specific recommendations to improve energy efficiency.