Financial incentives for renewable energy

Residential and Commercial

There are a number of potential incentives, grants and rebates available to help offset the costs of renewable energy for residential and commercial clients.

Prince Edward Island
The Office of Energy Efficiency in Prince Edward Island provides a number of programs to assist owners in reducing energy bills and creating energy efficient infrastructure. Programs exist for both commercial and residential owners.  For more information visit the Office of Energy Efficiency website.

Programs include:

For more information visit the Efficiency PEI website.

Nova Scotia
Efficiency Nova Scotia offers services, financial incentives and advice for residential, commercial and agricultural buildings and for both new and existing constructions. Visit Energy Efficiency Nova Scotia’s website to learn more.

New Brunswick
NB Power has several incentive programs and rebates for improving energy efficiency for homes or buildings.

Programs include:

  • Energy Smart Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program – financial incentives of up to $3,000 towards an evaluation to determine the potential for energy efficiency upgrades in a commercial building and a maximum of $75,000 towards the energy retrofitting project costs.
  • Low-Income Energy Savings Program – targets homes in need of major energy efficiency upgrades, especially those needing insulation, air sealing and possibly ductless heatpumps.
  • Ductless Mini-split Heat Pump Program – provides a $500 discount who purchase and install qualifying high efficiency cold climate heat pumps from a participating Contractor.

For more information visit the NB Power website.

Federal Capital cost allowance for solar energy projects may save money for a company through tax deductions. Consult your accountant for advice.


  • Farm Credit Canada provides support for switching to renewable energy which saves money and increases long-term sustainability. To support solar and wind solutions they offer:
  • Pre-approved lines of credit
  • Deferred payments
  • Interest-only payments
  • Extended disbursements

For more information visit the Farm Credit Canada website.