Blueplanet Ultraverter 250 Ultragate Product Image

Blueplanet Ultraverter 250 Ultragate

The Kaco Blueplanet Ultraverter 250 was the winner an Innovation Prize at the “30th Photovoltaics Solar Energy Symposium” for being one of the rare key innovations in the branch

The Ultraverter system combines the best features of DC-optimizers, string- and micro-inverter technology in one advanced concept: Due to a newly designed control system, multiple low voltage inverters can be connected in series up to the desired system output voltage. System designers using blueplanet ultraverter 250 can now realize the savings of AC module building blocks.

The low voltage inverters blueplanet ultraverter 250 are the core of the ultraverter concept. With patented control technology allowing for series AC connections, the Ultraverter system is compatible with every voltage range world-wide using a single product stock keeping unit (SKU). Simply select the correct number of modules for your interconnection voltage. No matter the PV project requirements, the blueplanet ultraverter 250 will master every plant design challenge. Low voltage blueplanet ultraverter 250 combine in AC strings up to 240 V to ensure safe handling of the units during installation and maintenance.

Higher yields, lower total cost of ownership, and highest efficiency in its class make the blueplanet ultraverter 250 ideal for every residential or small commercial solar power plant. One universal
inverter for all grids means logistics and forecasting are easier than ever, too.

The blueplanet ultragate communicates with data loggers and monitoring equipment via SunSpec Modbus RTU and TCP protocol. USB access to an onboard data logger with two weeks of local storage memory aids with troubleshooting. Rapid disconnection at the module level ensures compliance with modern safety requirements for arc fault and fire fighter safety.